From beginning to end


I’m glad you made it here. While my online presence may not be enormous, or even exist at all, I know that you would find my day entirely exhilarating, so let me tell you all about it!

20161022_1000557:30 AM

First, one must wake up. When I wake up, I get the best greeting. The greeting of love and if-you-don’t-feed-me-now-I’ll-be-very-upset. Yes, my lovely cats are sure to gain my attention every morning. Bob, in the back, is the much louder of the two about the hunger part, though Tribble is the one who’s more likely to claw my face off. It’s the quiet ones, you know.


7:45 AM

Next on the agenda is preparing for the day! This consists of two things: me and coffee. I  missed my coffee this morning, though, so all you get is me. I decided to spare you from the horror though and applied a lovely Beauty Plus filter to my mug. You are welcome!


9:00 AM

About now, I make my way to the campus of USD. No, not the University of San Diego. SD i20161021_134646.jpgs a state, you know! I attend the University of South Dakota, though I live about twenty minutes away. I always try to arrive at least 30 minutes before my first class for days like today, in which I need a jump start to the morning.

9:30 AM

Hello, Einstein Bagel!
Once sustenance has been acquired and caffeine is coursing through my system (as it should. always.) it’s on to classes. We’re going to skip this part, it’s boring. Except from noon until 12:45 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of course.

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Sometimes “class” is a pseudonym for “random internet window shopping,” though…

They have a Star Trek: The Next Generation onesie/pajama set. I need this so bad.

2:00 PM 

Time for work! The Magisto App let me make a little video of one of my recent, and lovely, autumn strolls on the way to work.

Speaking of strolls, between each class I have my earbuds in, but not because I need to blow out my eardrums with music – I’m always listening to podcasts. Today it was:

20161101_130741.jpgThankfully, I work somewhere awesome: The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

5:00 PM

Ahh, time to leave work and make the drive home – assuming I don’t have to buy groceries or anything, anyway. No one should ever pay small-town prices on groceries.

6:00 PM

I’m normally home by now, and now it’s time for homework. You know, maybe after a show or two on Netflix or a couple games of Civilization VI.

I decided on Netflix… and fell asleep. I woke up to this:0106160216.jpg

Thank you, Netflix. And my affinity for documentaries, I suppose.

7:30 PM

Okay, okay, NOW on to my homework. I have to get it done before my favorite book club streams at 9:00 PM!

11:00 PM

Assuming all has gone well, it it completely time for bed now! Or, more like, time to start reading and eventually realize it’s actually 1:30 AM and I REALLY need to go to sleep now.

Thank you for your attention! I hope you smiled at least once.

If you didn’t, though, here’s a picture of Tribble playing with her tail. If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.0501161326.jpg